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Mureza: A New African Car from South Africa

Africans have been struggling to get their cars, most of them had to import cars from western countries or buy cars which are made by foreigners and this has been a disadvantage since these cars do not fit African conditions.

There is consensus that cars made out of Africa struggle to survive as they fail to suit conditions such as terrain and temperatures. Mureza Auto Company figured out this problem and decided to produce a solution, releasing the Prim8, with more to come.


Mureza Auto Company is a black owned motor company, it is based in south Africa but produces cars which can be used all over Africa. Mureza Auto Company is owned by Tatenda Mungofa who is currently the CEO of the company. Mungofa is a Zimbabwean who partnered with other two South African females in building up the company. Being a successful entrepreneur requires the ability to realise what the society is missing and suggest possible solutions, in this case Mureza Auto Company realised the shortage of African made cars.  Mureza auto company aim is to solve transportation challenges in Africa through producing the best quality vehicles suited for African conditions.


Just like the name itself, “Mureza” which is a shona term for flag, the main aim is to raise Africa’s flag high so that other continents will notice that Africans are capable of doing better things and change the world.  Africans are usually seen as second class citizens, Mureza Auto Company wants to brush off that ideology by showing off that Africans have talents.


Mureza Auto Company is not just registered in South Africa but also in Zimbabwe, they way it operates in South Africa are the same in Zimbabwe. Mureza Auto Company is believed to release its first batch of 100 Prim8 batch vehicles into the local market this coming august. Being the first black owned car company, Mureza Auto Company has broken the record and received many compliments. These are cars are believed that they would be pre-ordered and reserved at $USD 3000 or R44 000 on their company website and for the mean time can be delivered either in Zimbabwe or South Africa.


In a bid to become the major leading car manufacturer in Africa the company’s CEO described this release as the major milestone in their vision. Most cars in Africa were imported and this has reduced the probability of having black owned car manufacturing companies in Africa. With the help of investors in United Arab Emirates Mureza Auto Company has managed to achieve the title “first black owned car company”.


The new vehicles to be released namely the Prim8 is powered by a 1,5 litre, 4 cylinder petrol engines developing 84kW, driving the front wheels through either a 5 sped manual or CVT. The prim8 is designed in a way that it will be safe and it has impressive features, keyless entry, 7inch touch screen, Bluetooth, satnav, reversing camera, cruise control, parking sensors, audio system, air conditioning, power adjustable driver’s seat, 4 air bags, electronic stability control, ABS brakes and tyre pressure monitoring. These features make Prim8 safe and reliable.


The Prim8 is a breakthrough for Africans, since there are going to many advantages of using it.  Normally cars were imported and it was hard to panel beat after a breakdown since parts of the cars are only found in certain shops and in some cases hardly accessible whereas with Prim8 spare parts can be easily found, since the brainchild is in Africa, it is locally produced and even mechanics have access to information about the cars. Prim8 is affordable, not much transporting costs; it’s safe and comfortable as well as durable over roads of diverse conditions.


Mureza auto company is not only focusing on producing cars and make money, but it is also aims to improve the motor industry in Africa, through empowering and bringing entrepreneur solutions to emerging motor markets. They also give opportunities for those willing to become shareholders in Africa’s fastest growing car manufacturing company. Mureza Auto Company wishes to improve the motor industry, sharing the experience they have so as to produce cars Africans in all parts of the continent.


Mureza Auto Company has managed to change the history of motor industry in Africa.


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